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Design Parameters

We operate several different machines with custom specifications. This allows us to have a wide variety of tolerances for your thermoformed part. Your design should follow these guidelines:

General Practice:

  • Dimensions must be drawn to and from controlled surfaces.
  • The controlled surface on a molded part is the surface against the Mold.
  • Call out for Mold Relief ( + draft or - draft angle from datum) ...2º typical.
  • Variance in thickness of Stock Material is typically ...± 10% from sheet vendor.
  • Material stretch is dependant upon Mold configuration.

Formed Features:

Distance Pressure Forming Vacuum Forming
Less than 6" ± .015" ± .020"
6" to 12" ± .020" ± .025"
12" to 18" ± .025" ± .030"
Above 18", add ± .002" per inch ± .002" per inch

Excludes Polyethylene

CNC Trimmed Features:

  • Machined features from a formed surface ± .030"
  • "Cut to cut" ± .020"
  • Hole Diameter ± .010" < 2"

We work with several different types of plastic and plastic resins in thermoforming and vacuum forming. Here is a list of plastics that we work with frequently. If you don't see your plastic on the list, give us a call, we probably have experience with it.

Material Properties Typical Applications
ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) Strong, rigid, light, shock absorbent Automotive body parts, enclosures, protective headgear, toys
HMWPE (high molecular weight polyethylene) High impact strength, chemical resistant, puncture resistant,tough even at low temperatures Medical joint replacement, recreational skis, bottles
HDPE (high-density polyethylene) Strong, solvent & corrosion resistant, easily recyclable Truck-bed liners, ducts, hoods, cutting boards, containers
HIS (high impact styrene) Stiff, low impact, inexpensive Food containers, point-of-purchase displays
PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Flexible, chemical resistant, flame resistant, highly versatile Packaging, cling film, bottles, credit cards, audio records, medical packaging
TPO (thermoplastic olefin) Very tough, excellent cold resistance, low thermal expansion, excellent UV resistance Automotive skirts and fenders
Pennite (glass filled nylon) Strong, stiff, cost effective replacement for metal Automotive air ducts, radiator shrouds, fuel cell covers
Kydex {T, 100, 1900, 6185, 6565} High impact strength, high and low temperature performance, flame resistant Air ducts, galley parts, paneling, shrouds, tray tables, bulkhead laminates lighting housings
Royalite {R12, R20, R57} Durable, high impact strength, high tensile strength, high and low temperature performance Automotive & aerospace applications, instrument panels, food trays, motorcycle fairings, luggage
LEXAN {9600, 9604, 9605, F60011, F60012, F60025 F60029, F6006} Great variability, flame resistant, weatherable, tough, scratch resistant Eye wear & protection, food containers, healthcare applications
PEI (polyetherimide) Heat resistant, flame resistant, solvent resistant Medical components, manifolds electrical insulation parts, semiconductor equipment components
Acrylic Strong and resists weathering, flexible, resistant to most chemicals and industrial fumes, good insulator Consumer displays, signs, kitchen cutting boards, panel assemblies, casings
PETG Lightweight, excellent transparency, high gloss surface, high impact resistance, recyclable Food & liquid containers, gas & moisture barrier, soft drink bottles
Vinyl Durable, flame resistant, good electrical insulator Window frames, flooring, cable insulation, household and construction applications


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