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Thermoforming & Vacuumforming

Thermoforming and vacuumforming offer several advantages over alternative plastic forming processes. Thermoforming is efficient and very cost-effective for the production of many plastic parts depending on size, shape, and quantity. Unlike other processes, thermoforming has a much shorter lead time, initial project costs are much lower, there is a large freedom of design, small details can be added, pre-colored plastic is available with extensive choice of patterns, textures, and finishes, and thermoforming provides an excellent part price/quality ratio.

Ventilation CoverFiber Pad, Inc. provides thermoformed assemblies and components for a multitude of industries. For aerospace and aviation we have manufactured dashes, panels, dividers, light covers, and housings, etc. These parts are produced for actual aircraft and training simulators.

For the transportation industry, we manufacture thermoformed liners, covers, trims, trays, louvers, and shrouds to accommodate heavy trucks, buses, and recreational vehicles. All are custom thermoformed and trimmed to exact specifications to ensure a great fit during final assembly.

We fabricate components for farm machinery and equipment, as well as marine, medical, energy, industrial, recreational industries and more. Products we typically supply consist of panels, louvers, covers, trims, and shrouds. You will find we respond quickly to your plastic thermoforming needs with excellent service and quality products to your door when you need them.

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