Devoted to delivering a world-class experience.

Our team’s core focus is quality assurance and customer satisfaction.


The difference maker.

Since 1977, Fiber Pad has been relentless in our pursuit of customer satisfaction. We began as a small mom-and-pop fiberglass job shop and through the decades have grown into an industry-leading plastics thermoformer. We owe all of our success to our customers that keep coming back to us, year after year, for their plastic needs.

Our philosophy is that Fiber Pad is in the people-business and we solve problems for engineers, buyers, supply chain managers and operations teams that work for small business owners and international conglomerate corporations alike. We know that when a customer picks up the phone with a problem, it is more than just XYZ Corporation on the other line, it’s an engineer with a complex design issue that needs resolving, or a buyer with an immediate demand for parts. Solving those problems for the people is what drives us and customers have come to rely on Fiber Pad for our plastics thermoforming expertise, commitment to quality, and proven on-time-delivery.

So now what? After four decades in business, Fiber Pad looks to the future with enthusiasm and ambition. We remain driven to provide outstanding customer satisfaction. We are pursuing innovative technologies that will expand our product offerings. We will continue growing so as to provide more quality jobs for our community. All of this while remembering why we are in business: to serve and help people.

We invite you to reach out to Fiber Pad and see what we can do for you.


- Laura Law
Executive Vice President