Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction

Our team’s core focus is quality assurance and customer satisfaction


Our customer service team moves quickly, at your speed, with a sense of urgency to meet your project and delivery deadlines.


Multiple check-ups on customer e-portals throughout the week to check for orders moving up or pushing back.

Data entry assurance and accuracy thanks to AS9100 Rev. D protocols.

Attend daily production and tooling meetings to proactively stay ahead of any potential changes.

Fiber Pad, Inc. - ISO 9001 & AS9100 Rev D Certified - #AS 6592.jpg

Our rigorous quality programs meet your manufacturing tolerances for thermoformed products and ensures your satisfaction. We continuously improve our quality assurance program with input from periodic audits by independent experts and our customers. Our refinements in responsibilities and procedures make sure your experience with Fiber Pad, Inc. is extraordinary.