Having a quality thermoforming manufacturer is a strategic and competitive advantage to our customers


Fiber Pad has you covered! Plastic thermoforming is an excellent choice to cover, hold, contain, beautify, and protect. Ideal for just about any surface and for just about any industry. Whether your need is cosmetic, structural, or somewhere in between.

What type of thermoforming can we help you with?


Vacuum Forming

Excellent cosmetics, softer radii, wide range of plastics and laminates

Seat back for aerospace application

pressure thermoforming.jpg

Pressure Thermoforming

Sharper crisper edges, more detail, multi-pattern mold texture, improved tolerances

Decorative side panels for bass boat manufacturer

twin sheet thermoforming.jpg

Twin Sheet Thermoforming

Hollow parts, fused together, no glue or bonding agents

Airflow ducts for aerospace application


Undercut Thermoforming

Negative draft angles, thin and thick gauge

Armrest cover for aerospace application

laminated plastic.jpg

Laminated Plastic Thermoforming

Cosmetic – decorative foil over thermoplastic substrate. Chrome, metallic, wood grain, and many other options

Chrome laminated headlight bezel for boat manufacturer


Thin Gauge Thermoforming

Down to ~ 0.020”

Armrest cover for aerospace application

thick gauage.JPG

Thick Gauge Thermoforming

Up to 0.500”

Swim platform ladder structure

deep draw.jpg

Deep Draw Thermoforming

Up to 24” deep

Housing for large industrial vacuum

large components.jpg

Large Component Thermoforming

Up to 15.5’ x 5.5’

9ft. x 5.5ft structural boat hard top


Fiber Pad works fast towards completion and delivery with quality every step of the way.

Whether it is:

  • Thin & thick gauge parts

  • Small parts

  • Large parts up to 15.5’ x 5.5’

  • Deep draws up to 24”

  • Low volume

  • High volume