Design Parameters


We operate several different machines with custom specifications. This allows us to have a wide variety of tolerances for your thermoformed part. Your design should follow these guidelines:

General Practice:

  • Dimensions must be drawn to and from controlled surfaces.

  • The controlled surface on a molded part is the surface against the Mold.

  • Call out for Mold Relief ( + draft or - draft angle from datum) ...2º typical.

  • Variance in thickness of Stock Material is typically ...± 10% from sheet vendor.

  • Material stretch is dependant upon Mold configuration.

Formed Features:


Excludes Polyethylene

CNC Trimmed Features:

  • Machined features from a formed surface ± .030"

  • "Cut to cut" ± .020"

  • Hole Diameter ± .010" < 2"

We work with several different types of plastic and plastic resins in thermoforming and vacuum forming. Here is a list of plastics that we work with frequently. If you don't see your plastic on the list, give us a call, we probably have experience with it.